MB1 transceiver HF 6m and 2m with ATU

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This model includes internal ATU. Please call us at (800)977-0448 7AM-7PM PST to verify availability.
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User Manual MB1 SDR transceiver

Your purchase includes 1 (one) hour of U.S.- based installation
technical support (telephone/remote access to your PC). Addition time blocks can be purchased. Current rate is $169/hour billed in 15 minutes increments. Hardware warranty is 18 months.

Designed in Russia. Assembled in Taiwan (R.O.C)



Many radio amateurs use PC with the classic analog transceiver. Connection between computer and radio requires USB cable and other interfaces . SDR MB1 transceiver elegantly solves connections problem. No more wires!
The HF 6m and 2m DUC/DDC transceiver MB1 – this is a new generation of amateur radio. Transceiver combines a classic design, accumulated over many decades, with the most advanced DUC/DDC SDR-technologies – direct conversion and synthesis of radio signals, and full-featured modern computer with a Intel Core i5 CPU. Operator receives a fully functional workstation in one case, which is started by pressing just a one button. All the peripherals connections are internal with virtual audio cables and COM ports; Simply connect second monitor, mouse, keyboard and you may control radio with knobs and buttons from the transceiver’s front panel.

  • Uses ADC with sample rate 160 MHz and resolution 16 bit
  • Two independent receive channels with bandwidth 312 kHz
  • Record air stations with the bandwidth up to 312 kHz and an opportunity to reproduce it later
  • Opportunity to receive in Nyquist zones up to 800 MHz (necessary to set additional external filters )
  • Broad band view up to 80 MHz
  • High quality audio DAC with the precision 24 bit fro decreasing signal delays
  • Qualitative IPS 7″ display with the resolution 1280×800
  • Connector for controlling external devices, 8 programmable transistor switches
  • Interface with PC – LAN 100 Mbps
  • AC voltage 220/110V, current consumption up to 3 Amp
  • Input of the external reference oscillator with the frequency 10 MHz
  • Small dimensions and lightweight
  • ExpertSDR2 software in two versions, for desktop and for mono-block
  • Opportunity to set any other software by User

Main features

  • Independent receive path with Digital Direct Conversion(DDC)
  • Separate independent transmit path with Digital Up Conversion(DUC)
  • Full duplex or half duplex mode*
  • Two independent receiver channels with bandwidth up to 312 kHz and two sub-receivers in each channel.
  • Antenna switch for two HF antennas
  • Connector for control of external devices, 7 powerful switches with open collector
  • Connector for connecting of mobile antenna
  • Automatic Tuner Unit for HF band: Available as an option
  • ALC input for connecting external power amplifier
  • Four programmable PTT outputs for independent external PA control
  • COM port for connecting external devices (power amplifiers, rotators, external PC etc.)
  • Opportunity to insert BPF in HF front-end via RX IN and RX OUT connectors
  • Embedded sub-octave band pass filters
  • Opportunity to connect VHF transverters
  • Using transceiver as a receiver for measurements
  • Using transceiver as a signal generator (output DAC OUT)
  • Frequency synchronization from 10 MHz reference oscillator
  • Very small delay in CW mode (about 10 msec)
  • Opportunity to use transceiver in SO2R mode
  • Opportunity of remote control. PTT foot switch and CW key are connected to E-Coder SDR-control panel. Headset and E-Coder panel are connected to remote PC.

* Full duplex mode is supported by the transceiver’s hardware, but is not done software yet. This mode will be supported in the future releases of the ExpertSDR2 software.

MB1 also has a full scale computer on the basis of Intel Core i5 processor, which provides the following opportunities:

  • Install digital communications software
  • Contest loggers and magazines
  • Connecting two CW Skimmers to two independent receiving channels on different bands
  • Opportunity to connect transceiver to LAN or WAN Internet
  • Work with internet browser, internet clusters and other opportunities (e-mail, Skype, ICQ, TV, etc.) connected to Internet
  • Viewing and listening audio and video files
  • Watching TV via USB-TV receivers
  • Opportunity to connect external display, mouse and keyboard
  • And many other opportunities limited only by your fantasy. All that inside one MB1 transceiver

Embedded PC’s parameters

  • Mother board of thin Mini-ITX Form Factor
  • CPU Intel Core i5 3.0GHz
  • RAM 4GB
  • SSD disk drive, 60GB
  • 4 ports USB3.0 at the rear panel and 2 ports USB 2.0 at the front panel of the transceiver
  • HDMI and D-PORT for connecting external monitors
  • LAN port 1Gb

Application areas

  • Full-function amateur radio transceiver
  • Mobile contest-station
  • Remote receipt point for the contests and other applications
  • Spectrum analyzer with the bandwidth up to 80MHz
  • Work with the external programs of digital connection types, CW skimmer, etc.

Block diagram



A version of ExpertSDR2 software with adapted GUI for 7″ display was specially developed for the MB1 transceiver. At the present time software works in RX/TX mode and supports two independent receiving channels with the bandwidth up to 312 kHz. A DSP library developed by Expert Electronics allowed to improve receiving quality and increase stability of the software. Two OS are supported: Windows 8/10 and Linux Ubuntu.

MB1 transceiver with ATU

  • MB1 transceiver + ATU

Note: internal Automatic Tuner Unit is installed in the transceiver

  • LAN-cable for connection to external LAN
  • Power supply cable for connecting the transceiver to AC (110/220V autosense)
  • Two audio adapters JACK 6.3 mm to JACK 3.5 mm for connecting the headset to the transceiver
  • CD-disc with ExpertSDR2 software. (Software can be also downloaded from our web-site)

Recommended accessories:

In addition to main complete set following accessories available:

  • Computer headset EE-PH-01 with electret microphone
  • PTT foot switch EE-CP-02
  • SDR-control panel E-Coder EE-EP-01 or SDR-control panel mini kit EE-EP-02, for comfortable remote work


Receive path’s construction principleDirect conversion of radio signals
RF ADC clock frequency, MHz160
RF ADC resolution, bit16
Receiving frequencies bandwidth, MHz0.09 .. 65, 95 … 148
Maximum displaying spectrum width, MHz80
Amount of independent receive channels2
Blocking Dynamic Range (BDR), dB129
Dynamic Range over IMD3, dB98
MDS level, dBm-128
Image channel rejection, dB> 110
Local oscillator’s stability, ppm+/- 0.5
Embedded preamplifier, dB-20, -10, 0, +10
Additional preamplifier on VHF, dB+26
Signal generation principleDirect synthesis of radio signal
RF DAC clock frequency, MHz640
RF DAC resolution, bit14
Transmit frequencies bandsAll amateur HF bands, 6m and 2m
Maximum output power in HF frequency band under IMD3 = -30 dB, W100
Maximum output power in VHF frequency band under IMD3 = -30 dB, W50
Other characteristics
Dimensions, mm320x140x250
Weight, kg (lbs)10 (22lbs)
Temperature, degrees Celsius0…+50
Power voltage range, V, Hz~100 … 240, 50 …60
Power consumption, W320


Declaration of Conformity



The SunSDR MB1 complies with FCC Part 97 rules for the Amateur Radio Service.


MB1 have 18 months warranty from factory defects and
workmanship including accessories.