SunSDR2 QRP HF and 6m SDR transceiver 5W


SunSDR2 QRP HF and 6m SDR transceiver 5W 00030
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Software for SunSDR QRP Windows 7-10 as of May 27, 2017

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SunSDR2 Pro reviews: and DX Zone

Vasily RN6LHF is operating SunSDR2 QRP from the field April 11, 2017

Your purchase includes 1 (one) hour of U.S.- based installation technical support (telephone/remote access to your PC). Addition time blocks can be purchased. Hardware warranty is 1 (one) year.

Designed in Russia. Assembled in Taiwan (R.O.C)

The SunSDR2 QRP is the HF transceiver with 5W output power and a wide range of capabilities. Thanks to the constantly improving ExpertSDR2 software and advantages of the direct sampling the SunSDR2 QRP can solve any given task for a reasonable price. The SunSDR2 QRP can be used either locally via the LAN interface or remotely using the ExpertRemote System, it gives you flexibility in arranging your working place as never before.

Main features

  • Immense functionality for a reasonable price
    Designing each of our devices, we try to reach the best balance between the price and functionality
  • Full support of the ExpertSDR2 software
    Continuously growing and improving ExpertSDR2 software is 100% compatible with the SunSDR2 QRP and will be supported for many years to come, at no additional cost!
  • Remote control operation with ExpertRemote system
    You may install SunSDR2 QRP away from the city's RF interference a get the best noise floor, and copy weakest signals
  • External control connector
  • Connect up to 8 external devices to 8 powerful keys with open collectors, such as PAs, external filters, rotate antenna devices etc.
  • No need for an external sound-card
    The SunSDR2 QRP does not require an external sound card and audio cables, just plug your headphones in the transceiver and operate!
  • 16-bit ADC at 122.88 MHz
    The SunSDR2 QRP has the best ADC in its price range which provides 115 dB BDR
  • Sample rates: 48-384 kHz
    Simultaneously 60 MHz wide band-scope may be activated + 2 software RXs, each has a SubRX
  • Special mode for 768 kHz or 960 kHz sample rate, only for 1 RX + band-scope at the same time
  • 1.2 MHz sample rate is in development

Application fields

  • Amateur HF and 6m transceiver
  • Remote operation just for fun or in contests
  • Spectrum analyzer with the wide band-scope up to 60MHz
  • Recording of IQ files and replay with analyses

Minimum PC specs

  • CPU Intel Core i3 or higher
  • 2 GB RAM (4 GB is strongly recommended)
  • Video card with 256 Mbyte RAM and OpenGL 1.5 support
  • Local network connector 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps
  • OS Windows XP/7/8/10 x32 or x64, or Linux Ubuntu x64
General coverage receiver HF, MHz0.1...55
Frequency coverage, HF TX mode, MHz1.8-54
Sensitivity, uV0,1
Maximum transmitter's output power HF, W5
Blocking dynamic range, HF (BDR), dB115
RF ADC clock frequency, MHz122.88
RF (RX) ADC resolution, bit16
RF DAC clock frequency, MHz122.88
RF (TX) DAC resolution, bit14
Local oscillator's stability, ppm+/- 2.5
DC Supply voltage range TX mode, V+10...15
DC Supply voltage ranger RX mode, V+7...15
DC Recommended supply voltage, V+12
Maximum consumption current, А3
Built-in audio codec resolution, bit24
Operating temperature, ºC0...+75
Dimensions, mm165х100х35
Weight, kg0,5

* - 3rd party software allow additional modes:


The ExpertSDR2 software supports following types of OS: Windows XP/Vista/8/10, Linux Ubuntu/Kubuntu and Mac OS.

Basic configuration:

  • LAN-cable (1.8m)
  • Power supply cable (2m)

Declaration of Conformity


The SunSDR2-QRP complies with FCC Part 97 rules for the Amateur Radio Service.


All amateur products have a one (1) year warranty from factory defects and workmanship including accessories.

SunSDR2 QRP HF and 6m SDR transceiver 5W Dayton 2016